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Established in 1950 our club has an indoor range, 5 pistol ranges including a covered bunker for steel targets, as well as a 50-100; and a 200-300-400 yard rifle range, and a large classroom area.

Our club provides a venue for members to enjoy a wide range of shooting sports in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Club-level safety courses are provided for new shooters and all new members must serve a probationary period. After all, safety is paramount!


FRPC ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held Sunday, 25 Sept. 2016, 1 pm. There will be a pre-meeting BBQ at 11:30.

Click this link to sign in to the members-only section and download / review all relevant documents.

For those not able to attend the AGM, information and proxy forms are also available at the clubhouse.

Firearms PAL / Hunter Safety Courses

Contact Dexter at lithargoel@hotmail.com or Tom at maplejack@sympatico.ca to book attendance.

Sept 16-17, 2016 Non-Restr. PAL

October 14-15, 2016 Non-Restr. PAL

October 28-29, 2016 Hunter Ed Course

Note: While these courses may be held at FRPC, the instructors named above are fully responsible for booking classes and training content. Please contact them directly. This posting is a courtesy only.