FRPC Membership Waiting List

Welcome to the FRPC Membership Waiting List tools. We are an active club with many people wanting to join, but we can only take in a limited number of new members annually. To receive an invitation to join FRPC you must be on the waiting list: we issue invitations to join in the order that people sign themselves up on that list.

The tool below allows you to get on the list, or to re-confirm your contact information if you are already on the list. Please read the following instructions carefully.

Important for everyone on the waiting list:

From time to time we will send you a request to re-confirm your contact information and interest. Make sure that you add the following email addresses to your SPAM filter white-list so that these emails arrive in your inbox:


Failure to re-confirm your contact information will result in removal from the waiting list. If we cannot contact you, we cannot invite you to become a member.


New To the Waiting List?

When the list is OPEN, enter your email address carefully in the box below and click the 'Submit' button. You will receive a confirmation URL in an email within moments (Check your SPAM filter if this email does not arrive). As soon as you have the email, paste the entire URL into your browser and you will be taken to a full registration form where your name and other information will be gathered. Once that form is submitted, you will receive a Waiting List acknowledgement email: read the instructions in that email carefully.

Already on the Waiting List?

If you are already on the waiting list, you may generate an information email by entering your email address below (you must use the identical email address that you used when you registered for the list). This will allow you to:

  1. Re-confirm or update your contact information
  2. See an estimate of the wait-time before you are likely to receive an invitation to join FRPC
  3. Remove yourself from the Waiting List

It is essential that you keep your contact information up to date. You will receive a re-confirmation request from us every 6 months, and failure to follow the instructions in those emails will result in removal from the waiting list.

Be sure that you configure your SPAM filter to allow mail
from and to arrive in your inBox.

Please note that the FRPC waiting list is currently closed to new applicants. Check back here in the future, as it will open again once we have absorbed some of the current applicants.

Enter your email address to re-confirm/update your information:

** The expected wait time is based on the current size of our waiting list, but it is only an APPROXIMATION.

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