IPSC Black Badge Courses

From time to time when interest is sufficient, Henri Cardinal runs black badge courses at FRPC. You can see these and other scheduled BB courses on the IPSC Ontario website: https://www.ipsc-ont.org/machinfo.htm.


IPSC Ontario has modified the Black Badge fee structure. From now on, the following persons are exempted from paying the IPSC Ontario Black Badge fee of $50.00:

Active military personnel and active law enforcement (police officers, CBSA, corrections and conservation officers).

Any FRPC members fitting that description and interested in the BB course should contact Henri via e-mail for further details. Hopefully we could generate enough interest to hold a course here in the near future.

Want to know if you are ready for a Black Badge course? If you can reach the benchmarks in this set of exercises, you are ready for your BB:

Exercises you can use to determine if you are ready for a Black Badge course.

If you are interested in taking the course so that you can compete in IPSC matches, please contact Henri to get more information and to let him know.

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