Frequently Asked Questions



Can I come and shoot at Frontenac Rifle & Pistol Club?


FRPC is a members only club. We do have some activities that non-members can participate, such as the Hunter Sight In (see below).


Can I come as a guest?


Members are permitted to bring in a guest a maximum of 4 times/year and must supervise that guest and supply a range safety briefing. Members may bring a maximum of 2 guests at a time.


How do I become a member of FRPC?


When the waiting list is open you will be able to add your contact information at that time. We will not add your name for you. Keep checking back to see.


How do I get my firearms licence?


You must take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC). Then you can apply for your Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). With the PAL, you can purchase and shoot non-restricted firearms. If you want to get an Restricted PAL (RPAL), you can take the CF(R)SC after the non-restricted CFSC.


Where can I find an instructor?


All firearms courses are taught by instructors from the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario (FSESO). To find one in your area, go to their website, at , and you can do a search for an instructor in your area.


Do we rent firearms?


No, we do not rent firearms. And there are no firearms or ammunition stored on our property.


What is the Hunter Sight In?


Hunter Sight-In is a yearly range day we host to assist any hunters to sight in their rifle(s) for hunting season. It is usually the weekend before - the week before deer season opens for rifle, approximately the last weekend in October. There will be a notice posted on the main page of our website, and it will provide details.. Targets and Range Safety Officers will be on site to help you. We also take donations of non-perishable food items, for tickets in a prize draw.


Is there a club contact?


You can email the Secretary at





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