Indoor Bullseye Schedule, 2022 - 2023 Season


Please download the schedule (pdf) here: Indoor Bullseye : 2022 - 2023 Season

Bullseye Indoor Program (COVID-19 version)


1. Situation. Due to necessary Covid-19 restrictions, this season presents some challenges for conventional shoulder-to-shoulder, bullseye shooting. However, a modified indoor program can be undertaken without compromising personal safety. This document provides details of such a program.

2. Mission. From early November  until mid-February, the shooting program will focus on essential skills for the Standard Pistol Match. From mid-February until end April, the focus will be on the Centre Fire Pistol discipline. The ISU Rapid Fire Match will not be fired this season.

3. Execution.


A. General Outline. Training sessions will centre on self-organized, small groups of two to four shooters who will select a convenient day/time for a weekly live-fire session. Following the training syllabus and assisted by the handouts provided, these groups will conduct their own tutorials and live-fire sessions. Scores will be recorded in order to chart individual progress and to identify areas for more detailed focus. During the week that the two final matches are scheduled, a Range Officer will be available to conduct the match for each group. Tutorials via Zoom may be instituted.


B. Grouping and Tasks


(1) Supervisory Section.

(a) Grouping: - D. Lawrence

(b) Tasks: - develop and manage program

- prepare and distribute weekly tutorial notes

- maintain contact with Shooting Sections

- maintain contact with FRPC Board of Directors

- maintain progress chart for participants

- act as Range Officer for matches


(2) Shooting Sections.

(a) Grouping: - self-organized, 2 to 4 members

(b) Tasks: - select Section Leader to be single Point-of-Contact

- select suitable day/time for live-fire sessions

- maintain contact with Supervisory Section

- attend weekly training sessions

- submit progress scores to Supervisory Section


C. Coordinating Instructions. Program will be conducted iaw attached schedule. Shooting sections to ensure their selected day/time does not interfere with officially scheduled range commitments.



4. FRPC Support. Targets will be available through normal Club repayment arrangements (patching is encouraged to reduce waste). Club will arrange for engraving of trophy for match winners. All other logistics will be arranged by individual sections/shooters.

5. Contact. Point-of-contact for this program is D. Lawrence. He may be reached at 613-387-2094 or by email at "".

Recommended: Approved:

D. G. Lawrence 

Copies of the Shooting Schedule are available at the club.


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As noted above, rifle shooting is less structured than for pistol. In many cases, shooters have little interest in formal matches and their focus is on plinking or preparation for hunting activities. Nonetheless, participation in bullseye shooting is an excellent way to develop the shooting skills that are needed for successful hunting.

Rifle shooting disciplines at FRPC are loosely divided between short-range (to 100 yards, mainly with .22 calibre equipment) and long-range (to 400 yards with centre fire rifles). In addition, members use the longer ranges for evaluating the accuracy of their reloaded ammunition.

The main courses of fire for rifles are as follows:

3-Position Sporting Rifle (.22 cal at 50 metres, 60 shots for full match)

  1. Two series of 10 shots from prone position
  2. Two series of 10 shots from kneeling position
  3. Two series of 10 shots from standing position

(Note: this match can be fired indoors at 20 yards)

Precision-Tactical 22 (.22 cal from 25 to 200 yds, 50 shots for full match)

This is more of an "action" shooting event with targets at various distances and fired from various positions. Targets are both bullseye targets and balloons. It includes both precision and time-limited stages.

Centre Fire Rifle

At present, this discipline is not well developed at FRPC. The prone match could be fired on range A-2 with a slightly scaled-down target. A full course for the Prone Match consists of 60 shots in 75 minutes and it is done without the benefit of telescopic sights.

Bench Rest Rifle

This discipline is actively pursued by a small group of Club members. Its focus is on extreme accuracy at long ranges and requires specialized equipment, reloading expertise and precise attention to details.

There are Club level rifle matches held during the summer for both .22 calibre and centre fire rifles. Preparation for these matches is an excellent way of focusing an individual training program.

More Information

The Club Secretary can provide a point-of-contact for any of the shooting disciplines mentioned above.

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