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Established in 1950 our club has an indoor range, 5 pistol ranges including a covered bunker for steel targets, as well as a 50-100; and a 200-300-400 yard rifle range, and a large classroom area.

Our club provides a venue for members to enjoy a wide range of shooting sports in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Club-level handgun safety courses are provided for new members. Probationary period as well as supervised orientation visits are required. After all, safety is paramount!

Effective  February 10th, 2021

INDOOR RANGE has been re-opened -  and will continue to follow COVID-19 PROVINCIAL Protocols for indoor areas. 

OUTDOOR RANGES CONTINUE TO REMAIN OPEN and  Members are again permitted to bring local guests, from a 'green' zone.   Club rules must be followed for the hosting and signing-in/recording of guests (i.e. addresses).   


The following Provincial guideline protocols for COVID- remain in place and apply to all ranges:

  • Members and guests from 'green' zones permitted as guests - (with direct supervision of member)

  • Members are asked to strictly adhere to the following measures:
  • Maintain 6-foot social distancing
  • Masks are required when entering the building 
  • Sanitize flags, pens and other common-use items

Revised 10 Feb 2021


The club has donated funds on behalf of its members to support all actions against the Order in Council. Be a part of it, join either CCFR, CSSA or NFA and support the effort - sign all petitions... donate if you can.

CSSA (member, or not) you can subscribe to the E-News to keep up-to-date with happenings over the coming days and weeks.

CCFR - Follow CCFR Podcasts to stay up to date.

July 10, 2020

Non-restricted PAL & Hunter ED courses are run by an independent instructor, DEXTER DAFOE

and classes should be booked by calling him at 613-546 1528.

This information is posted as a courtesy only. Courses are not affiliated with FRPC.

PAL: MARCH 26-27;  APRIL 23-24;   HUNTER ED: APRIL 30-MAY 1,   2021