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Established in 1950 our club has an indoor range, 5 pistol ranges including a covered bunker for steel targets, as well as a 50-100; and a 200-300-400 yard rifle range, and a large classroom area.

Our club provides a venue for members to enjoy a wide range of shooting sports in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Club-level handgun safety courses are provided for new members. Probationary period as well as supervised orientation visits are required. After all, safety is paramount!


Renewal fee notices were mailed out mid- March 2023

Late fees are applicable on payments received after May 31st...

Attention FRPC club members/guests:  

Eff. March 21st,  mandatory wearing of masks has ceased but remains as a voluntary choice; use at your own discretion to suit your comfort level. 


 ORDER IN COUNCIL of May 1st, 2020,  the amnesty period has been extended till  October 2023... in addition to other corrections to the conditions more at CCFR....

Please support all actions against the Order in Council - Gun Ban - Gun Grab. Be a part of it, join either CCFR, CSSA or NFA and support their efforts - sign all petitions... donate if you can.